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For details of membership costs and benefits please click this link.  membership


Axmister have finished the Club discount scheme from the Woodturning section of their catalogue.

They have replaced it with a discount of 5%, from most of their catalogue, to Club members who wish to make use of the scheme.

 Don is still waiting for more information on the registration process. ( Watch this space )

12/10/2017 Still waiting for Axminster to get it sorted. Don is  happy to take orders, as he still has the club account, and you can get your 5% off.



 For your information about health matters relating to the toxisity of wood, the HSE have published a document outlining the dangers and medical side effects when using wood. The document can be viewed at


Fractal woodburning is a process of applying high voltage electricity through treated wood. the figures produced are commonly called Lichtenberg figures or Fractal burns.

The AWGB have published their policy against the use of this technique, following a recent fatality in the UK.

The problem with Fractal or Lichtenberg pyrography is that it is dangerous, and there are no safety standards published for the process.

The AWGB recommend that this technique is NOT practised.

See AWGB website for more information.

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