Suffolk Mid-Coastal Woodturners
Suffolk Mid-Coastal Woodturners   

         From Standing tree to                    outstanding furniture.

   Lodge Farm, Laxfield Road.


  01728 440040 or 07982392579

Suppliers of locally sourced, air dried timber. Many hardwood species available. Pre cut blanks available or board selection.

Machining service available on request.


Still open for business, Club members welcome.

Delivery options may be available.




This website was last updated on              the 27/02/2021

Aerial view of the Orwell bridge


Covid-19 update, 23/07/2020: With discussions at committee level, with the booked presenters and considering the Governments guidelines, we have taken the decision to cancel the 2020 programme.

It has also been agreed by the committee that your SMCW subs will roll over to cover the 2021 season.

The AWGB, at this moment, have not agreed to do the same.


MAGNOX GRANT. 2019 / 2020

In 2019 we applied for a grant from Magnox, (Sizewell), to improve our visual and audio presentation of demonstrations to our members.

Our application was successful and MAGNOX gave us £950. This money was used to buy 2 pull down screens, a radio microphone for the presenter, a new projector and 2 new cameras.

This has made a significant improvement in our presentations judging by members feedback.

Many thanks to Magnox for the grant and their help in supporting small clubs like our own.


For details of membership costs and benefits please click this link.  membership


Axminster have finished the Club discount scheme from the Woodturning section of their catalogue.

They have replaced it with a discount of 5%, from most of their catalogue, to Club members who wish to make use of the scheme.

 To obtain the discount place your order with Don, as he still has the club account, and you can get your 5% off. He can also arrange for the order to be delivered to your home address.



 For your information about health matters relating to the toxisity of wood, the HSE have published a document outlining the dangers and medical side effects when using wood. The document can be viewed at


Fractal woodburning is a process of applying high voltage electricity through treated wood. the figures produced are commonly called Lichtenberg figures or Fractal burns.

The AWGB have published their policy against the use of this technique, following a recent fatality in the UK.

The problem with Fractal or Lichtenberg pyrography is that it is dangerous, and there are no safety standards published for the process.

The AWGB recommend that this technique is NOT practised.

See AWGB website for more information.

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