Suffolk Mid-Coastal Woodturners
Suffolk Mid-Coastal Woodturners   

         From Standing tree to                    outstanding furniture.

   Lodge Farm, Laxfield Road.


  01728 440040 or 07982392579

Suppliers of locally sourced, air dried timber. Many hardwood species available. Pre cut blanks available or board selection.

Machining service available on request.


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Aerial view of the Orwell bridge

An all day demo with Andrew HALL, 'the hat man'. Sponsored by the AWGB as part of their 30th birthday celebrations.

Andrew started by making a quarter size hat and also a stand for it. He then made a small medieval helmet. Finally he talked through his making of the 'Bowlelelee' musical instrument, complete with a musical interlude.

Photos re the AWGB part of the day can be found on the 'Club News and Information' page, along with photos of members work on the gallery table.


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