Suffolk Mid-Coastal Woodturners
Suffolk Mid-Coastal Woodturners   

         From Standing tree to                    outstanding furniture.

   Lodge Farm, Laxfield Road.


  01728 440040 or 07982392579

Suppliers of locally sourced, air dried timber. Many hardwood species available. Pre cut blanks available or board selection.

Machining service available on request.


Still open for business, Club members welcome.




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Aerial view of the Orwell bridge



The club has it's own library which enables members to hire a book or DVD to enhance their knowledge involving woodwork. As you can see there is a wide range to choose from, all subjects to do with woodwork. The cost of rental is £1-00 per book/DVD and all the monies raised goes towards club funds. To order a book/DVD please submit your choice through the "contact us" section, and your book/DVD will be brought along to the next meeting. we do hope that you fully benefit from this library.


1 Woodturning Traditional Folk Toys Alan/Gill Bridgewater
2 Woodturners Workbook Ray Key
3 Step by Step Woodturning Oliver Plant
4 Woodturning Jewellery Hilary Bowen
5 Creative Woodturning Dale L Nish
6 Practical Woodturning F Pain
7 Pleasure/Profit from Woodturning Reg Sherwin
8 Multi-Centre Woodturning Ray Hopper
9 Making Wood Bowls Patrick Spielman
10 Woodturning for Cabinet Makers Michael Dunbar
11 Turning Bowls - Step by Step David Register
12 Spindle Turning  
13 Turning Lace Bobbins Dave Springett
14 Woodturning Projects Richard Raffin
15 Beginners To Woodturning Gorden Stokes
16 Techniques of Spiral Work Stuart Mortimer
17 Craft Of Woodturning John Sainsbury
18 Adventures In Woodturning Dave Springett
19 The Art Of The Lathe Patrick Spielman
20 Woodturning Projects Mark Baker
21 Decorative Techniques for turners Hilary Bowen
22 Colouring Techniques for turners Jan Sanders
23 Woodturning Techniques woodturning mag
24 Woodturning Wizardry Dave Springett
25 Source of Shapes John Hunnex
26 Woodturning Techniques John Hunnex
27 Practical Design for Woodturning Roland Seale
28 Useful woodturning projects Woodturning Mag
29 Woodturning Step-By-Step David Register
30 Woodturning Master Class Tony Boase
31 Woodturning A Fresh Approach Robert Chapman
32 Woodturning Klaus Pracht
51 Techniques of Routing Jim Phillips
52 The Incredible Router Jimmy Brown
53 Success with Routing Stuart Lawson
54 Good Wood Routers Albert Jackson
61 Country Chair Making Jack Hills
62 The Chairmaker's Workshop Drew Langsner
63 Shaker Style Wood Projects Robert Sonday
64 Rocking Horses Margaret Spencer
65 The Craft of Stickmaking Leo Gowan
66 Seat Weaving Ricky Holdstock
67 Walking & Working Sticks Theo Fossel
68 Woodcarving Techniques Rod Naylor
69 Bird Boxes and feeders Stephen Moss
70 Quick & Easy Wooden Toys Alan Pinder
71 Woodcarving James Johnston
81 Working in Wood Ernest Scott
82 The Art Of Wood Boxes Tony Lydgate
83 Jigs & Woodshop Furniture Jeff Greef
84 Country Furniture Jack Hills
85 Green Woodworking Mike Abbott
86 Small Production Woodworking Kerry Pierce
87 Garden Woodwork Penny Swift
88 Period Furniture Projects V J Taylor
89 Furniture Making John Trussel
90 Carpentry and Joinery Brain Porter
91 The Carpenters Companion John Sainsbury
92 Decorative Woodwork Alonzo Kettles
93 Furniture Restoration Tristan Salazer
94 Woodworking Projects Year Book
95 Home Woodworker Julin Worthington
101 Conversion & seasoning of Wood William H Brown
102 Making Wood Signs Patrick Spielman
103 Designs for Wood Signs Patrick Spielman
104 Making Board/Peg/Dice Games Jeff Loader
105 Essential Jigs, Aids,& Devices V J Taylor
106 Woodworkers Manual Albert Jackson
107 On The Shelf Alan/Gill Bridgewater
108 The Workshop Jim Kingshott
109 Complete Wood Finishing Ian Hosker
110 Wooden Toys Richard Buzzard
D1 Turning Projects Richard Rafan
D2 Hegner Lathe HDB 200XL Hegner
D3 Turnaround Jimmy Clewes
D4A   Turnabout (part 1) Jimmy Clewes 
 D4B  Turnabout (part 2) Jimmy Clewes 
D5 Woodturning Minatures Reg Slack
D6 Hand Thread Chasing Allan Batty
D7 Turning between Centres Dennis White
D8 Robert Sorby Turning tools Chris Scott
D9 A Foundation Course Keith Rowley
D10 Turning Wood Richard Rafan
D11 Workshop Projects Reg Slack
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